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London Sports Forum for Disabled People - now called 'Interactive'

 Joining a gym with the My Time, My Choice Project

                 The London Sports Forum for Disabled People has rebranbed, they are now called Interactive

I can't join the sports centre there's nobody with a learning disability in it!
People wanting to join a sports club

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People with learning disabilities sometimes feel UNCOMFORTABLE about joining non-disabled clubs.
Lots can be done to make things better like...

  • Make sure you're fit enough.

  • Ask your support worker to help you join a club.

  • Say you want to join a non-disabled club - ask for yoga, badminton or something you want to do.

  • Find a support worker who wants to do sport with you.

  • If the person does not know how to be with a people with learning disability, tell them what you need.

  • Tell them how to talk to you so you can understand and take part.

  • Find other people to go with you so you don't feel alone.

By supporting people to use leisure centre's, centre staff can really help people with learning disabilities get involved!
To find out about peoples life experiences that shapes policy visit our attitude page.

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